Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

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Interconnected States
Parents who live in different states may worry about being able to enforce a child support order across states lines. Oregon has adopted the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), which governs interstate child support enforcement. Upon registration of a child support order from another state, the state of Oregon can enforce the order as if an Oregon court issued it. Similarly, other states can enforce child support orders originating in Oregon under the provisions of UIFSA.

If you need help enforcing a child support order in or from another state, let Ronald Johnston work to protect your rights under UIFSA and other child support laws. Portland family lawyer Ronald Johnston has been practicing family law for over 40 years, proudly representing mothers and fathers in child support cases involving interstate law.

One Order at a Time

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act ensures only one child support order can be in effect at a time. In most cases, if a parent moves to another state, that state cannot modify an existing child support order without establishing jurisdiction under UIFSA. The court or agency that entered the original order maintains exclusive, continued jurisdiction over it, as long as the child or at least one parent continues to reside in that state. However, parents can agree in writing to allow another state where one of the parents resides to take control of the child support order and modify the award. If you need to modify an existing child support order, experienced Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston can help.

Child Support Calculations Vary From State to State

When issuing or modifying child support orders, courts generally rely on the child support guidelines in that particular state to calculate the amount of support. Oregon has a formula for calculating child support that takes into account parents’ income, cost of health insurance and childcare, uninsured medical expenses, and other factors. Other states may have different methods for calculating support.

Under UIFSA, states are required to enforce child support orders from other states regardless of differences in how they calculate support. If a court or agency in Oregon has jurisdiction to modify a child support order from another state, however, then Oregon state law will apply to the modification. If you wish to obtain or modify a child support order in Oregon, let Portland divorce attorney Ronald Allen Johnston calculate the presumed amount of support using specialized computer software that allows for adjustment of several variables.

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The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act also applies to spousal support. For further information about UIFSA and other family law matters, contact Portland divorce lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston today. Ronald Johnston prides himself on providing sound legal advice and dedicated legal representation.

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