Your Beaverton OR Divorce Attorney Discusses How High Conflict Divorce and Personality Disorders Can Go Hand in Hand

January 25th, 2016

Research has shown that as many as 80% of high conflict divorces contain at least one person who suffers from a personality disorder. That may seem high, but keep in mind too that there are many different disorders with varying ranges of severity.

Divorce can cause a great deal of stress on a person. As a result, a person can exhibit some behaviors of a personality disorder, but not actually have it.

Catastrophizing is a trait that is often found in high conflict relationships and divorce. A person suffering from this personality trait will often make a huge deal out of any situation, big or small. This individual will likely assume the very worst, even if the outcome is expected to be positive.

An example of this could be a parent’s fear that one poor test score could result in their child failing school entirely.   This situation may snowball in their mind to anticipating future events, such as summer school, not having time for a summer job, and not being able to have a car.



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