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Divorce Attorney in Portland for Family Law Matters

Ronald Johnston is one of the elite divorce attorneys in Portland OR, and has been practicing family law matters for over 40 years.  His mission is to help his clients through the process of divorce to forge a new emotional and financial base for their lives. Individuals facing divorce retain Ronald Johnston based on his reputation for giving candid, no-nonsense legal advice, his extensive litigation experience and his dedication to obtaining the best outcome for his clients allowed under the law. He understands that divorce can be a painful process, and he guides clients through the legal system in a productive and cost-effective manner.

Experience Guides Us. Resolve Drives Us.

Clients are in control of their own cases and make the decisions that will affect their future lives. The attitude and reasonableness of the client and his or her spouse will determine the length and cost of a family law case. In some situations, attorneys for divorcing clients will be able to work out a settlement quickly and prudently. Other times, clients will not be able to come to an agreement on all issues without intervention by the court. In these situations, a trial may be necessary whereby each party presents evidence to the court, and a judge will make a final determination as to the couple’s property division, spousal support and child custody.

In addition to divorce in Oregon, Ronald Johnston represents clients in all areas of family law. He has a special interest in child custody rights and is a champion of rights for both mothers and fathers. Ronald Johnston has a special reputation in father’s rights litigation and advocates for fathers to be treated fairly and equally in child custody, child support and unmarried paternity cases.

Ronald Johnston is equipped to represent clients in less common areas of family law, which not all divorce lawyers have experience in handling. These areas include grandparent rights, stepparent and de facto parent rights and adoptions, enforcement procedures, modifications of custody or support, premarital agreements, cohabitation agreements and appeals. Ronald Johnston is accepting and tolerant of all mainstream and alternative lifestyles, and can effectively manage your case no matter what the situation.

There are some areas of law that Ronald  Johnston does not personally handle; however, in these cases, he will refer you to other counsel or he can confer about your case on your behalf. This provides the client with specialized expertise, as needed. These areas include family law matters involving bankruptcy, criminal law, personal injury, drafting of pension orders, and family law matters involving abuse of children or juvenile law dependency matters.

To set up a pre-divorce consultation or to obtain a confidential second opinion as to your ongoing divorce in Oregon with Portland custody lawyer Ronald Johnston, please contact us now at (503) 226-7986 or fill out our online form.

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