Attorney Fees in Divorce

Our Portland Divorce Lawyer Offers Reasonable Rates for Oregon Family Law

Photo of a divorce decree
Questioning whether you will be able to afford an attorney who will uphold your best interests in a divorce can often complicate the decision to pursue the dissolution of your marriage. Our Portland divorce lawyer has worked closely with clients for more than three decades, and understands that the expenses associated with divorce that can often deter individuals from moving forward with their lives. Our firm makes a point to provide you with all the information you need when it comes to how we handle attorney fees in divorce so that you are able to make informed decisions.

How Do Attorneys Bill for a Divorce in Oregon?

The Oregon bar association prohibits family law and divorce attorneys from using contingency fees, or taking payment based on the total monetary amount awarded to the client. This is an ethical rule, which aims to prevent incentives and unreasonable settlement amounts in divorce proceedings that would also result in a larger paid to the attorney.

Our firm provides legal representation to mothers and fathers involved in child support and child custody issues, as well as representation of spouses seeking Oregon divorces at a reasonable hourly rate. If you decide after a pre-divorce consultation that you would like to retain Portland divorce lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston, we will discuss and have you sign a fee agreement that will outline our fee payment policies.

What Will Be the Total Cost of My Divorce?

At the start of your divorce proceedings, we will quote you a retainer amount. A retainer is an initial deposit that we will use to cover the first legal fees and expenses of your divorce. However, this amount is not an estimation of the total cost of your divorce, which depends on the complexity of your case, your ability to resolve disputes with your spouse in addition to the amount of time spent litigating or in mediation. If your divorce costs and fees do not exceed the retainer, we will refund any remaining amount back to you.

Offering Efficient and Timely Legal Representation for Divorces in Oregon

Ronald Johnston offers a number of resources for individuals who have decided to seek professional legal representation for their divorce case. Our resources include a guideline for paying our Portland family lawyer’s fees, as well as an extensive list of tips to minimize attorney fees in family law matters. If you have any questions about the fee policies of our firm, our Portland divorce attorney is happy to discuss this with you in a pre-divorce consultation.

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