Appealing a Family Law Matter?

Portland Family Attorney Ronald Allen Johnston Reviews Cases and Offers Appeals Representation

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Highly contested divorces and family law matters are extremely complex, and a judge may have made a mistake in your case. If you believe a legal error or another type of mistake may have led to a final divorce judgment or child custody decision, you have the legal right to pursue an appeal. Our Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston has over three decades of experience challenging judgments of family law matters in Oregon by representing clients throughout the appeals process.

Am I Able to Appeal a Ruling of my Family Law Case?

Oregonians have the right to appeal any ruling they deem unfair. In the state of Oregon, there are two appellate courts in which to seek an appeal. The Oregon Court of Appeals is most likely where you will need to file to contest any family law outcome that resulted from a court trial, including matters such as:

The other court in Oregon that is able to hear appeals is the Oregon Supreme Court. However, it is comparatively rare (but not unheard of) for family law matters to be appealed to that level.

Do I Have a Strong Case for an Appeal?

Both the Oregon Court of Appeals and the Oregon Supreme Court have a tendency to uphold decisions made by a trial judge, unless there is legal error or unless there are no facts to support a ruling. The Oregon Court of Appeals is also one of the busiest appellate courts in the nation. For both of these reasons, most appealed cases will routinely receive an affirmation of the trial court decision from the Oregon Court of Appeals.

If you are unhappy with the current attorney representing your case, our Portland family attorney offers a confidential second opinion to provide you with an opportunity to learn if your attorney is handling your family law case improperly. During this consultation, he will also give you his honest belief as to whether an appeal has merit, in addition to information about any family law changes that may affect your case.

Learn More about Your Right to Appeal by Contacting Ronald Johnston

Sometimes even the strongest family law cases can be the victim of an inappropriate court ruling.  If you are seeking an appeal or if the other party involved in your case is filing an appeal, you need legal representation that can defend or pursue an appeal with the same dedication you have for your case. Speak with our Portland family lawyer today, and read a personal message written by our attorney about our investment into all types of family law matters.

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