Mediating Family Law Matters?

Our Portland Family Lawyer Represents Parents and Spouses in Mediation

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The goal of mediation is for individuals to work with a neutral, objective mediator to come up with remedies for their legal issues without court intervention. Different from the litigation of family law matters, mediators do not enact judgments on the case, but rather facilitate an open discussion as well as an opportunity to resolve matters in a more peaceful and confidential manner. All areas of family law can benefit from taking part in mediation processes.

Portland divorce lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston has successfully represented the rights of mothers and fathers, as well as husbands and wives, in cases needing family law mediation. Rather than having the court determine the outcome of your family law matters, retaining legal representation in mediation allows you to be a part of the ultimate decision of your case that will affect both you and your family.

Mediation Services in Oregon

The law requires every county in Oregon to offer individuals with family law cases access to mediation services. Mediation is required in most cases involving contested custody or parenting time.  Some counties offer these services at no cost to you, while others may require that you pay a fee. Some counties may also require you to attend mediation once you have completed a mandatory parenting class, if children are involved.

While mediation does not require that you retain a lawyer to represent your interests, you may find that legal issues involving the rights you have to your children, finances or property may benefit from consulting with or making a condition that you must gain approval from an attorney after any agreement you make during the mediation. Retaining an experienced Portland divorce lawyer ensures that the law upholds your best interests throughout the mediation process.

What Types of Family Law Matters are Mediated?

Individuals may use mediation as a method to resolve most any kind of family law issue, including:

Pursuing mediation for these and other family law matters is often a good alternative to litigation, which can be more time consuming, stressful and expensive. In contrast to litigation, meditation allows you to take back control from the judge and jury when it comes to the outcomes of your legal issues.

Ronald Johnston Provides Legal Counsel for Mediation

Our firm understands the sensitive nature of many family law matters, in addition to how heated and complex they can become. We provide clients with a calming sense of relief knowing that they will find support in Ronald Johnston, whatever their legal needs may be. We uphold best practices, and only pursue the most effective and cost efficient legal paths to ensure that your results are satisfactory. Contact Portland family attorney Ronald Johnston for more information about our mediation services today.

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