Client Testimonials About Portland Family Lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston

Portland divorce attorney Ronald Allen Johnston and his legal team strive to provide the best possible client service; here are a few testimonials from satisfied clients. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our office today for a consultation.

Client Testimonials

Thank you for your representation in my modification case. I realize that my case presented some unusual procedural issues, and I appreciate how you navigated each hurdle. My case also had several “cases within a case,” with each aspect requiring a different approach. I appreciated your flexibility in giving different aspects of my case different treatment. Also, it was hard to see it at the time, but my case was made more difficult because of a conflict in personality styles between me and my spouse. I appreciate your patience in differentiating the legal issues from the personal issues. Thank you for your hard word work, patience, and accurate legal advice and personal advice you gave throughout the case. Divorce is like a hurricane. It destroyed everything in my life: family, kids, career, friendship, and finances. The worst part of this is you can not predict the outcome, and in the end everyone loses. I certainly don’t wish anyone to experience this hurricane. Despite my prior success in other parts of life, I was not prepared for this trauma. (How can anyone be prepared for it?) The worst part is there were so many emotional traumas over the course of divorce of 3-4 years, and I didn’t know that I was impacted by all these emotions. I would compare myself to someone who was caught in an hurricane or flood and lost everything, yet was so proud and confused and refuses to leave. Ron , you were like the rescuer that pulled me into the shelter and had the patience to solve all the emotional issues between the spouses, and to solve all the legal issues for the best outcome. The issues were very complex, and the demand on you was exceptional. I wish I had found you at the beginning of this hurricane, and I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you!

–Bruce. Q.

Dear Ron: Thank you for handling my case the way you did. I realize that mine was a relatively small matter, but you gave it personal attention and I appreciated that. I also was impressed and thrilled that the other lawyer argued his case for ten minutes, and that you destroyed his argument and won the matter in less than a minute of talking. Well done. Thank you.

–Cathy C.

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