A Beaverton OR Divorce Lawyer Explains Spousal Support Modifications

May 23rd, 2016

Spousal support is an amount of money one spouse pays to another spouse to enable both individuals to have a standard of living similar to what they enjoyed during their marriage. It’s usually ordered to be paid for a designated period of time, though it can also be ordered indefinitely.

However, with the economy fluctuating and widespread unemployment, you may find the need to revisit your spousal support agreement in order to augment, extend, or end payments.

After your divorce, you might have a change in your economic circumstance and you may find the need to ask the court to change your spousal support amount.

Edited WritingSome acceptable changes in circumstances include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Significant reduction or increase in income
  • Increase in expenses
  • Remarriage or cohabitation
  • Disability

After the court receives your request they will review it and look at many factors, including the original court order and the circumstances surrounding your request. If your circumstances are drastically different, the court will modify the spousal support order.

The time it takes to process a modification varies. Consult your attorney for a timeline for your unique situation.

If you are considering requesting spousal support modification, talk with our Beaverton Oregon divorce lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston about your legal options. Contact our office here.

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