A Common Mistake Made by Parents Prior to Divorce

April 13th, 2017

Ronald Johnston is a competent and knowledgeable divorce attorney practicing in Beaverton Oregon. He wants to help parents avoid a common mistake related to divorce.

man and woman in conflictA very common mistake parents make during a divorce is moving out of the home while the divorce is still pending.

It’s easy to understand why a parent would move out. In doing so, they may ease tensions in the house and that can seem most beneficial to their children still living there.

However, moving out during a divorce can adversely affect their custody case.

Oregon laws are gender-neutral but courts can tend to grant sole custody to mothers more often than they do to fathers.

Part of the reason is that fathers sacrifice family time to financially provide for their family and because they often move out of the home during divorce proceedings.

Of course, more fathers are staying home to take care of their families and more mothers are becoming their families’ primary breadwinner and these factors will be considered.

Ronald Johnston has more than 40 years of experience in family law. During that time, he has worked hard to secure custody rights for both mothers and fathers.

He endeavors to secure the best results possible under the law for his clients. He believes mothers and fathers should have equal opportunities to seek parenting time with their children.

If you’re a parent going through or seeking a divorce, consider contacting Ronald Johnston, an experienced divorce attorney in Beaverton Oregon, before moving out of your residence. He’ll help you avoid mistakes that will affect child custody. Click here to contact Ronald Johnston today.

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