A Divorce Attorney in Beaverton OR Discusses How the Co-Parenting Relationship May Experience Change in the Event of Re-Marriage

November 6th, 2015

Previous blog posts discussed how “playing family” too much after a divorce can damage a child’s ability to move forward. This can also become a complication when a parent makes the decision to remarry. Most new partners would not want their spouse spending too much time with the former spouse to play family.

A whole new dynamic begins once there is a third parent (step) in the picture. Things can be awkward for children and parents, who may have to change a relationship that everyone thought was working. Once one of the co-parents changes their routine, the children will likely blame the new spouse. This may lead to a whole new set of difficulties, putting a wedge in the new relationships the step-parent may want to have with the child.

While there are some remarried co-parents who still are able to keep the relationship balanced, it will likely cause some drama at one point or another.


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