A Divorce Attorney in Hillsboro OR Shares How Economic Stability May Make A Difference

December 4th, 2015

The past six blogs posts have discussed protective factors that can help a child cope and move forward following their parents divorce or separation. The last protective factor to consider during the divorce process is economic stability.

Divorce can be expensive, and can drastically affect a family’s finances. This is especially true if there was some financial instability prior to the divorce. The economic stability of parents and the amount of economic resources devoted to children has been linked to positive outcomes. More specifically, parents who work as a team to support the children following the divorce can help protect children from financial worry. Even if things are tight following the divorce, it is important to not stress children about this fact. It may not be a positive environment if the child is stressing about the mortgage or the electricity being shut off.

The examples given in previous blog posts regarding protective buffers for children of divorce have outlined how parents can protect their children from some of the risks associated with the divorce. The main way to help children cope is to provide a loving, nurturing, and supportive environment for them, and work together as co-parents to have a peaceful relationship.

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