A Divorce Attorney in Portland OR Considers if an Unhappy Marriage is Worth Saving

March 25th, 2016

All marriages have their ups and downs. Even during difficult times, many couples will still remain in love. If you are married and are realizing that your marriage is going through an unusually difficult time, you may be wondering if you would be better off moving forward together or apart. The answer is not quite so easy to determine, because all marriages are unique.

One major consideration is what you would like your future to look like. Planning for the future is an exciting thing that many couples do together. They plan for major life events like:

  • Having children
  • Going on vacations
  • Buying a home
  • Purchasing vehicles
  • Making career choices
  • Deciding where they will live

If you are finding that you are no longer excited when you think about the future with your spouse, you may be heading in the direction of divorce.

Picture your life right now and start to think about the future. Imagine your life alone, where you are sleeping alone, shopping alone, watching TV at night alone, and going on vacations alone. Are you happy? Does this thought bring you joy or extreme sadness? Possibly you are indifferent and the idea of being without your spouse is just as enticing as a future with them. The way you feel may not mean that you should immediately file for divorce, but it might give you a clue as to which path to take.

It’s not an easy decision to make. If you do decide to divorce, and you are ready to begin the process, consider a divorce attorney in Portland OR who understands just how difficult this decision was to make. Click here to read about why you should consider retaining attorney Ronald Alan Johnston today.

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