A Divorce Attorney in Portland OR Explains What it Means to be Effective

April 11th, 2016

Are you searching for an effective divorce lawyer? This is a question that all clients should consider as they move forward in the divorce process.

To answer “yes” to the above question, you should first understand exactly what it means to be effective. An effective Portland divorce attorney will work to provide the best results under the law for their clients in a timely fashion. They will make sure to guide their clients and keep them in the loop about how their case is being managed.

Effective attorneys will also educate clients on how to keep their attorney fees and costs down. This is an important step in the process because the financial consequences of divorce can last a long time.

You can also expect your effective attorney to listen and acknowledge your needs and goals, while also being honest about how reasonable these expectations are.

Attorney Ronald Allen Johnston fits this mold. During his 35 years of experience as a Portland divorce attorney, he has developed a unique understanding of what it takes to be an effective lawyer.

If you are ready to set up your initial pre-divorce consultation, or if you would like a confidential second opinion on your ongoing family law matter, click here now.

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