A Divorce Attorney in Portland OR Sees the Bright Side of Being Single

March 9th, 2016

The “single” status is often thought of as a depressing one. This causes people rush to couple up, instead of slowing down and taking stock of all of the things that make being single a good thing.

Here are a few completely underrated things about being single:

  1. You do not have to worry about which side of the bed is yours. You can sleep right in the middle or roll back and forth; the bed is all yours.
  2. You can watch whatever you want on TV.
  3. Your grocery bill will be significantly lower. Toilet paper is just one thing that costs a lot less when you are only buying for one person.
  4. You can take some time to focus on you. Your health, your happiness, and your needs have likely been on the back burner up until now.
  5. You can leave places whenever YOU want to. No more waiting around until your significant other is ready.
  6. You might begin to learn that there is a major difference between loneliness and being alone. As you begin to appreciate your own company, you will also start the process in laying a foundation for a solid future relationship.

If you are in an unhappy marriage, the path to being single might vary in length. That said, attorney Ronald Johnston is a divorce attorney in Portland OR who can get you there in one piece. Click here to contact him today.

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