A Divorce Attorney in Portland OR Shares Some Tips For Preparing Your Child For the Good and Bad

January 5th, 2016

In the past, we have discussed talking to your child about divorce. This post will expand that topic and further explain how to prepare them for what lies ahead in the process.

With divorce brings many changes. While many of these changes are negative, there are some changes that your child may be able to look forward to:

  1. If there was a lot of tension between you and your spouse, your child can look forward to less conflict and fighting.
  2. Divorce may mean that they will be moving, which can be scary, but also fun. You can involve your child in the planning and decorating, especially in their new room.
  3. Even though the circumstances are not great, the divorce will bring separate time with each parent. This can lead to individual bonding and new experiences.


These are just a few examples and every situation is unique. At Ronald Johnston Law, we understand how your family situation is different from any other.

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