A Divorce Lawyer in Portland OR Discusses The Advantages Children Have When a Father is Actively Involved

November 9th, 2015

When a father maintains a relationship with his children following a divorce, the children often fare better than those whose father does not. A father’s relationship with his children following divorce is a potential protective factor for children. This paternal involvement can include a father who:

  • Is supportive
  • Sets limits
  • Practices effective discipline
  • Communicates at a personal level
  • Helps with homework

These actions have shown to have an impact on a child’s level of academic performance, as well as helping them to become more adjusted. They also tend to have fewer psychological responses to divorce such as depression, withdrawal, and anxiety than those children who have less-involved fathers. Research shows that positive relationships between children and their fathers may be associated with more time together, a healthy history of involvement, and a great co-parenting arrangement. With any form of parental involvement, quality and the quantity of involvement are both important.



Attorney Ronald Allen Johnston is a divorce lawyer in Portland OR who advocates for families, more specifically the rights of fathers. Click here to read more about his dedication to families.

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