A Family Attorney in Portland OR Explains What it Means to Choose a Collaborative Divorce  

April 25th, 2016


There are many ways that a collaborative divorce differs from a traditional one. One might say that a collaborative divorce brings a bit of peace and tranquility to a stressful situation.

Limiting stress is a major draw to a collaborative divorce for couples with children. Sparing them of a messy and painful process is in many situations a better option for families. It is also comforting to know that there is a binding contract prohibiting either party from entering the courtroom. This contract will stipulate that both lawyers will resign from the case if one party threatens a courtroom battle. This agreement helps keep both parties accountable to the collaborative process.

Instead of going head to head in front of a judge, parties will compromise and negotiate the terms. Emotional issues are dealt with and experts are brought in to determine what is best for the children. Everything is managed in a respectful and agreeable manner. This is not to say that there will be no hard feelings or heated discussions, because there probably will be. Even though the divorce is collaborative, in many cases the families will still go through the same grieving process.

Maybe you have heard of a collaborative divorce being referred to as the following:

  • A collaborative practice
  • A peaceful divorce
  • A negotiated divorce
  • A divorce without fighting

If a collaborative divorce sounds like the best option for your family, it is important to align yourself with an advocate who understands the collaborative process. Ronald Johnston is a family attorney in Portland OR who will help you determine what your rights are and negotiate the terms of your divorce in an effective manner. Click here to contact Ronald Johnston Law today.


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