A Few Suggestions For Dealing with a Difficult Co-Parent From an Experienced Family Attorney in Hillsboro OR

January 1st, 2016

The last blog post discussed the importance of setting limits when dealing with a difficult co-parent. This blog will offer some tips on achieving this goal.

When dealing with a co-parent who causes problems, here are a few ways to handle it:

Clarify your expectations: This is the first step to setting limits. To do this, communicate with them exactly what you want.

Make sure to give a “heads-up” before making changes:  Just like with parenting a child, it is very important to make sure to communicate with your co-parent when things will change.

Determine the level of leverage you have:  This means that you can determine which things you have control over. If you do not want to communicate with your co-parent every day, you can simply not answer the phone.

Plan your exit line:  Having a solid exit line can make conversations more tolerable.

Set communication limits:  If your co-parent sends a long attacking email, you either can ignore the email or respond to the useful sections and not acknowledge the rest.  This might take a great deal of control but can show your co-parent that you will not tolerate the behavior.

Overall, it is important to understand that the most crucial part of this relationship is your children.

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