A Hillsboro OR Family Law Attorney Discusses Some Tips For Residence Changes and the Conflict that Goes With it.

September 16th, 2015

If the reasoning behind your teen wanting to change residences is due to conflict between the two of you, you may want to consider taking part in joint sessions with a therapist to address the relationship problems prior to making a decision on where the teenager will live. Even if your child does end up moving in with the other parent, it is very important consider maintaining your connection with your child during these years.  Regardless of their reasoning for changing residences, it is likely not tied to their love for you.

girl-669823_640Here are some helpful tips for dealing with a teenager who wants to change residences:

  • Don’t take it personally.
  • Try not to react if the only time your teen claims they want to live with the other parent is when they are angry with you.
  • Make the decision to pick your battles with your teen.
  • If your child pressures you to let them live with the other parent, do not play victim or induce guilt.
  • Decide how far you can go and stick to your decision.
  • Try not to feel that your child is “choosing” the other parent; they are choosing the other door.
  • Try not to assume your co-parent is trying to alienate you from your child intentionally.
  • Try to keep a positive relationship with your child no matter what happens.

Each stage in your child’s life has an end. There may be conflict and confusion now, but the independence is part of growing up. Your Hillsboro OR family law attorney can help you make decisions about your divorce and living arrangements. Click here to read about Ronald Johnston office today.

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