A Portland Divorce Attorney Discusses How to Rebuild Trust With Your Co-Parent

August 17th, 2015

As you move through the divorce process, it is not uncommon for you to encounter some pain. These wounds can lead to a loss of trust, which is an important factor in a healthy co-parenting relationship. This pain can come about in many forms, from lying about things to each other, infidelity, or constant conflict. Chances are, you know your ex-spouse better than most people, and it might be hard to change this vision of them in your mind. This trust may continue to dissipate if one parent is not consistent or honest with the other. Once this trust is broken, you may begin to question their parenting motives.

Rebuilding lost trust may be a difficult thing, but it is of vital importance to your children. This relationship should be as healthy as possible to avoid any further disruption in your children’s lives.

Here are a few tips for rebuilding lost trust:indian-627832_640

First, consider working on your own confidence, this may include:

  • Believing in yourself.
  • Being considerate
  • Being a proud supporter of your co-parent’s relationship with your children
  • Begin trusting, even if it is not easy

To commit to this relationship you can try:

  • To bridge your behaviors with your words
  • Show that your commitment to your children is the most important thing
  • Committing yourself to honesty

To be consistent in your co-parenting relationship, try:

  • To show that consistency is a priority, so your co-parent knows that you find their time valuable.
  • To help the other parent feel comfortable when you are around.

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