A Portland OR Divorce Lawyer Explains How Cooperative Parenting Can Sometimes be too Cooperative

November 2nd, 2015

Co-parenting relationships can sometimes be too cooperative, which may be surprising to hear. Though it may sound contradictory, there are scenarios where parents spend so much time together that it is almost like they never divorced. Parenting relationships can range from complicated to child focused, each of which will have their own struggles. Sometimes “playing family” can result in an ambivalent separation out of the parent’s own resistance to being away from their child.

In this situation, parents who are divorced may begin to realize how happy their children are when they spend time together. This can lead to a variety of family outings, holidays, and even vacations. This can feel increasingly wonderful for the child, but it may delay their ability to cope with the divorce. It can also cause them to feed into their fantasy that their parents may reunite. Further, when so much time is spent together, each departure may feel even more painful. The pain of the divorce will not heal because the parents are giving false hope to their children.

happy family on winter vacation, mom and cute little girl have fun and slide while snow falkes falling


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