A Portland OR Family Law Attorney Asks that You Consider Your Child’s Self Esteem

September 28th, 2015

There are many important elements to a solid marriage. While children are an important focus, many couples would like to think that their relationship with each other is the primary focus. The image that most represents this relationship is a 3 ring diagram, all interconnecting. In this illustration, if the parents are divorcing, the “ring” symbolizing the child will now be on top signifying that the child is now the primary focus. The rings show the importance of the connection between the child and both parents.

Growing up, many people may remember the feeling of hearing someone say negative things about their parents. This can be upsetting for children, and the natural response may be to attempt to defend his or her parents. This “knee jerk” reaction to stand up for your family is an act of love, but it also is part of self-love. An attempt to defend those we love is also a way to defend our own self-esteem. This is because self-esteem in a child can be directly linked to how they view their parents.

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