A Portland Oregon Divorce Lawyer Advises: Ask Yourself These Five Questions If You Are Getting Cold Feet During Divorce

May 5th, 2016

Divorce in Portland OR is a complex and emotional experience. It’s normal for you to feel nervous at anytime during the process, even if you are the initiator of the divorce.

If you are wondering if you should still move forward with your divorce, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I safe? If you or your children are not safe, seek help. There are professional organizations that will assist you to navigate the complexities of divorcing your abuser.
  2. Is there a reason to hurry? You may think that your spouse might try to hide money or assets if you don’t file right away, or you may just want to slow down so that you can fully explore your feelings before deciding to continue with the divorce.
  3. Could I feel differently after counseling? Your feelings of cold feet could be alerting you to unresolved issues. If you are safe, and not in a particular hurry to divorce, you may consider asking your spouse to attend counseling with you.
  4. Cold Feet Imprinted on SocksDo I have emotional support? Feelings of loneliness can often lead to a desire to second-guess your decision to divorce. Share your experience with close friends or a support group and you might find your cold feet melting away.
  5. Why am I getting a divorce? You may not have asked yourself this question directly, or you may have and simply lost sight of the answers. Either way, when addressing your cold feet, you have to know the answers to this question.

Whether you are ready to file or just have a few questions about divorce in Portland OR, click here to contact Ronald Johnston to make an appointment.

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