A Tween May Experience Many Emotions During Divorce – Some Information from a Beaverton OR Divorce Attorney

November 18th, 2015

Preteens are in many situations concerned about what their friends and other peers think of them. This tendency might lead to them experiencing feelings of embarrassment about their parents’ separation and divorce. They also might have anxiety about the future.

Children in this age group are able to talk about their feelings, yet they may experience mood swings. This may make them seem more unpredictable and intense. They will likely feel angry about the divorce, more so than younger children. This anger can be shown in many ways. For example, they have been know to:

  • Have temper outbursts
  • Show aggression through physical fighting with peers and siblings Verbally attack one or both parents
  • Become bossy
  • Become demanding
  • Complain about household rules
  • Become difficult to discipline
  • Struggle in school

It is not uncommon for their struggles to be expressed as stress-related symptoms. These can include anything from headaches to stomachaches. While not terribly common, preteens have also been known to become involved in risk taking behaviors such as running away or drug experimentation.

Portrait of pretty teenager looking at camera in classroom

A functional parenting plan can often make a big difference in how “tweens” react to their parents’ divorce. For help determining the divorce settlement and parenting plan that will best fit the needs of your family, click here to read about a Beaverton, OR Divorce Attorney.

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