Advocating for Fathers’ Rights – Part 1

November 21st, 2016

When it comes to divorce attorneys practicing in Portland OR, Ronald Johnston is among the most experienced. He has over 40 years of experience representing mothers and fathers in child custody cases.

Father with babyWhile Johnston has represented both sides in child custody matters, he has earned a reputation as an advocate for fathers’ rights to equal parenting opportunities.

The law is gender-neutral on the subject, but courts more frequently grant mothers sole custody of their children. The courts do so because mothers have historically been the child’s “primary” caretaker.

Johnston knows that the times are changing. More and more parents are sharing the role of caretaker, and more and more fathers are opting to be the primary caregiver.

Now, if divorcing parents can agree, joint custody can be established, and both parents can have equal, or close to equal, time with their offspring.

If parents can’t come to an agreement, then the courts will get involved. If that happens, you’ll need an attorney who builds cases on facts and issues.

You’ll also need an attorney who will be honest with you and tell you if your custody case should be litigated, or if you should settle. In other words, you’ll need to consult Ronald Johnston.

The topic of advocating for fathers’ rights in custody cases will continue in part two of this series.

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