Advocating for Fathers’ Rights – Part 2

November 23rd, 2016

Ronald Johnston has more than four decades of experience representing mothers and fathers in child custody matters in Beaverton OR. He has earned a reputation for defending the rights of fathers to enjoy equal opportunities to parent their children.

father with two boysOregon law is gender neutral when it comes to child custody matters. Nonetheless, they still grant sole custody to mothers more than they do to fathers.

It’s important for divorcing fathers (and mothers too) to seek legal advice from a family law attorney as soon as possible.

One of the mistakes many fathers make is moving out of the marital residence. They do so to keep the peace, but such action will likely work against them in their child custody case.

Unmarried Fathers
Unmarried fathers share the same rights as unmarried mothers if they’ve established paternity. To do so, the unmarried father must sign a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity or VAP.

The unmarried father usually signs this document at the hospital where their child was born. If the unmarried father didn’t sign a VAP, then he can establish legal paternity in court.

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If you’re a father involved in a child custody matter contact Ronald Johnston, an esteemed family law attorney in Beaverton OR.

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