Allow Yourself to Grieve

March 4th, 2015

It is natural to need to grieve the loss of a marriage. It is the body’s natural reaction to any traumatic loss, and a divorce is no exception. A break-up is more than just a decision to no longer be together. It is also:

  • A loss of companionship and memories that were shared between two people who once loved each other.
  • A loss of support, which can be in a financial, intellectual, social, or emotional sense.
  • Loss of hopes, dreams, and plans made together. This may be the hardest blow to a person when encountering divorce because these plans may be a very large part of their future. Now re-focusing these dreams may lead to additional sadness.

To truly get to a place where you can move on, it is important to allow yourself to feel this sadness and explore it. It can be scary because these emotions can lead you to a dark and intense place, and it is common for people to feel as though they may be stuck there forever. While grief can sometimes turn into depression, facing the grief is an important part of the healing process. It will not last forever.

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