An Attorney in Beaverton OR Shares the Importance of Allowing Your Child to Love Both Parents

January 13th, 2016

Your divorce may have left you with scars. You may have feelings of revenge, anger, sadness, or pain. This emotional pain can cause an urge to alienate your child from your ex.

It is important to fight this temptation because the tug of war can leave the child with feelings of guilt, confusion, or pressure. Try not to put your child in the situation where they have to choose one over the other because it can prevent them from feeling like they are in a loving home situation.

To fight the urge to alter your child’s feelings for your co-parent, make efforts to accept both homes. Consider keeping some clothes and personal items at each home, as well as making sure that there is a space especially for them.

To begin the process of building a healthy co-parenting relationship, consider a divorce attorney in Beaverton OR that cares about your family. Click here to read more about Ronald Johnston Law today.

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