Are You Having Trouble Receiving Your Court Ordered Spousal Support in Portland Oregon? – Part 1

December 26th, 2016

If you’re not receiving your court ordered spousal support, we recommend that you seek the help of Ronald Johnston, one of the most experienced divorce attorneys practicing in Portland OR.

hundreds of dollarsA court has ordered your ex-spouse to pay you spousal support. By not paying, your ex-spouse could be held in contempt of court.

Unfortunately, punitive measures generally do not kick in automatically. Most of the time, you’ll need a qualified lawyer, like Ronald Johnston, to help you enforce spousal support.

What is Ronald Johnston going to do? He’ll work with the court to explore every possible legal avenue and ensure that your ex-spouse is forced to pay the allocated spousal support.

Two options to ensure you will start to receive the support that you’re due, are to pursue civil contempt of court or wage garnishment.

Civil Contempt of Court

In this type of action, Johnston will demonstrate to the court that your ex-spouse is not holding up their end of the support decree. Your ex-spouse will get a chance to respond, and the court will make a ruling.

If the court rules that your ex-spouse’s non-payment is willful, they may order payment, fines, or some other measure to ensure the spousal support order is adhered to.

Wage Garnishment

This method is exactly as it sounds. Johnston will serve your ex-spouse’s employer and funds will be withdrawn directly from their paycheck. This will ensure you receive a steady payment as long as your ex-spouse remains with their employer.

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Ronald Johnston is one of Portland Oregon’s most experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorneys. For help receiving your spousal support, contact Ronald Johnston today.

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