Are You Wondering What a Substantial Change in Circumstances is? A Divorce Lawyer in Hillsboro OR Explains.

April 29th, 2016

Regardless of your situation, it is likely that your parenting agreement will experience some sort of change over the years. Sometimes, co-parents will decide together that adjustments should be made, and in other situations, one co-parent will make the decision to start the process on their own.

In order for a party to modify an existing child support order, they must first demonstrate to the court that it is due to a substantial change in circumstances.

These changes might include:

  • A change in parenting time or in who has physical custody of the children.
  • An increase or decrease in the income of one or both parents. Small changes in income are not considered substantial enough to adjust the existing child support order.
  • A change in the needs of the children.
  • An addition of children due to birth or a decrease in children due to emancipation.
  • A termination or modification of spousal support.


In a situation where both parents cannot agree that modifications are necessary due to substantial change, it might be necessary for a court hearing to occur.

While possible, it is not always easy to obtain a modification to a child support order. An experienced divorce attorney in Hillsboro OR will be able to effectively plead your case and explain to the courts why your unique situation should be considered substantial.

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