Avoid Sadness Triggers

May 20th, 2015

After some time alone, you may be able to make it through your days without much sadness. However, you might find that you become upset when encountering certain situations. If you have children, the sadness may hit you when you are all alone for the weekend. Certain smells or events might lead to a flood of old feelings and emotions. While you should allow yourself to grieve when you feel sad, you should also find ways to avoid unnecessary pain.

To begin this process, you should realize patterns in your grieving cycle. If the sight of your children’s empty bedrooms leaves you weepy when they are at your ex’s house, consider shutting their doors and disconnecting while they are away. If certain restaurants stir up old memories of date nights, avoid them until you feel stronger.

If cooking for one is too painful or simply too difficult, cook the way you always have. There is nothing wrong with saving meals for later. You can use them when your children get home or on nights you simply do not want to cook. You can also bring extra food to a friend or family member as a nice gesture.

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