Avoid These Mistakes in Child Custody Matters – Divorce Lawyers Portland Oregon

August 20th, 2014

When a couple with children decides to split up there can be many heated battles ahead of them. Obviously one of the most intense matters they will face is the custody of their children. Most parents want to continue to have a relationship with their kids, but often times, the children can end up living with just one of their parents.

The process to determine with whom children will live can be very difficult. Because emotions tend to run very high in these matters, people can make mistakes. Some of these mistakes can be minor, but other mistakes can play a big role in determining where the children end up. So how can you avoid some of these mistakes and ensure you have the best chance of getting custody of your children?

  • Getting the proper legal advice is always the smart way to go. Making child custody decisions on your own can be costly.
  • Don’t move out of the home unless a firm parenting time agreement is already in place.
  • Do not act in any way that could be considered violent or dangerous toward the other party.
  • Avoid making any kinds of threats.
  • Don’t make up false claims or accusations about your spouse.

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