Avoiding Unnecessary Divorce Costs: Part Three

May 19th, 2016

This week, a Hillsboro Oregon divorce attorney has been discussing the ways you can avoid paying for unnecessary costs during divorce.

Here is the final installment of tips:

  • hundreds of dollarsProvide comments in writing- If you or your spouse files an application with the court, such as a support application, review the application with your attorney and provide your attorney with your comments in writing. Making the information readily available will reduce the hours (and your fees) your attorney spends on drafting your application or a response to your spouse’s application.
  • Build a list of questions- Unless it is an emergency, do not call your attorney every time you have a question. Instead, write your question down and once you have a few on your list, then call your attorney to discuss them. This will reduce your legal fees and make it easier for you to keep track of the answers.
  • Listen to your attorney’s advice- Finally, seriously consider the recommendations your attorney makes. Not following their advice can lead to confusion and may draw out your divorce longer. Not only will this drive up your legal fees, but didn’t you hire an attorney for their expertise in the first place?

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