Avoiding Unnecessary Divorce Costs: Part Two

May 18th, 2016

In our continuing blog series, a Beaverton OR family law attorney discusses the ways you can avoid paying for unnecessary costs during divorce.

Here are some more tips:

  • hundreds of dollarsAvoid animosity The more litigious your divorce, the more expensive it will be. Try not to fight over every little detail so you don’t end up paying your attorney to work on little issues that don’t matter in the big picture.
  • Submit your documents in a timely manner- If you or your ex spouse’s attorney asks for information, provide it to your attorney as quickly and accurately as possible. This will keep your attorney from spending time trying to chase you down for the requested documents, driving up your bill in the process.
  • Respond thoroughly to requests for information- Along the same lines, if your attorney sends you a request for documents or discovery to answer, make sure your answers are thorough and responsive. This will help lower any time your attorney will spend looking through your file for answers or trying to contact you to get clarification.

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