Balancing Your Co-Parenting Relationship – Advice From a Family Law Attorney in Hillsboro OR

November 4th, 2015

The last blog post discussed how there are situations where a co-parenting relationship can be too “cooperative.” It is important to know that this does not mean that co-parents should not strive for a great relationship. They can still attend children’s events at the same times, perhaps just in different cars. They can also work out holiday arrangements however they work best. Being pleasant and cooperative is extremely beneficial for the children, but as with all things in life, finding a good balance is a great option.


Children can also benefit from having time to heal after a divorce before parents begin spending a great deal of time together. Each child copes in a different way, this makes it important to give them the time to do so. As everyone moves forward, family time can be based on the comfort of everyone involved, including the child. If parents begin to notice that the child is having trouble with the non-custodial parent leaving after spending time together, or that they seem to be fantasizing about a relationship between the parents that is not really there, the balance can be re-evaluated.


As you move forward with your divorce, know that finding this balance is difficult for everyone. Knowing exactly how to act might be confusing. For help moving forward in with your divorce, click here to read about a divorce attorney in Hillsboro OR who is passionate about families.

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