Be proud of your single-dad status

May 1st, 2015

When you meet new women, it is important not to lie about your divorce and the children that you may have. There is no need to hide it, as a matter of fact, many woman think that being a devoted single dad is attractive. You wouldn’t want to date a woman who would be scared away from your children anyway, especially since they are most likely the most important things in your life. Being open and honest about your life will also give you things to talk about. You can share the activities you do with your kids, and their special quirks… all of which will actually make you more desirable to the right person!

Many people searching for a partner are looking for someone who can provide a stable and loving home. If you are already accomplishing this trait and she can witness you in action before you make a marriage commitment, it actually brings peace of mind. So remember not to hide your life, the wrong person will run away, but the right one will fall in love with you for it.

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