Beaverton and Hillsboro Attorney on the Grieving Process

February 13th, 2015

When you are going through a divorce it is very common to go through a grieving process. Grief and sorrow are healthy emotional responses to the loss of someone you once loved.  It would be more concerning if a person going through divorce did not feel some level of sadness.  These feelings can be difficult to handle and it is important to find positive and effective ways to deal with these emotions.

It is also normal to experience guilt and shame, which is a sense of failure for not doing all that was necessary to hold the marriage together.  This feeling can happen regardless of who is to blame or what the circumstances are surrounding the divorce.  Even with divorce rates as high as they are, most people enter into marriage thinking they will be married for life.  This can lead to a level of shame when the marriage falls apart.

Fear and anxiety are natural reactions to a person losing their control in their marriage and life.  It is easy to let these emotions turn into the classic “fight or flight” trigger, but working with the right attorney and making a new plan for your life can greatly improve your feelings of fear.

Here are the typical stages of grief people go through:

  • Denial: The thought that maybe you can still make your marriage work.
  • Anger and resentment: Blaming your Ex-Spouse for the pain they have caused you.
  • Bargaining: Making offers to get your Ex to come back, and everything can go back to normal.
  • Depression: The realization and sadness hits home and you feel a sense of hopelessness.
  • Acceptance: Holding your head high and creating a positive goal for your future.

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