Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce Explained by a Portland OR Divorce Lawyer

May 27th, 2016

If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce in Portland Oregon and are looking for a peaceful process with very little fighting, a collaborative divorce might be for you.

A collaborative divorce is one that is settled by negotiation. Lawyers that are trained in collaborative divorce techniques guide the parties towards a binding contract that is used for negotiation and compromise. Most importantly, both parties agree not to threaten to go to court.

Man and woman shaking handsThere are several benefits to a collaborative divorce:

  • Positive and progressive- Focusing on what is best for everyone lowers the need to threaten the other party.
  • Less cost- Collaborative divorce frequently saves couples up to 50% of what they would have paid having a traditional divorce.
  • Quicker- Traditional divorces can take months, even years, but completing the collaborative divorce process takes 18 weeks on average.
  • Customized for your family- During the collaborative divorce process, you will be able to discuss and ask for things that are important for your family. If there are emotional issues surrounding the divorce, both parties agree to use a coach to help process them.

For more information about collaborative divorce, contact Ronald Johnston, Portland OR divorce lawyer here.

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