Brief Overview of Family Law in Oregon – Part 1

August 13th, 2017

Ronald Johnston is an experienced divorce attorney practicing in Portland Oregon. Of course, divorce is just one of the many family law matters he litigates. Whether it’s spousal support or child custody, Ronald Johnston is dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for his clients.

Below, we look at two well-known family law matters. We’ll look at additional family law matters in part two of this series.

Child Support

In Oregon, courts use specific administrative guidelines to calculate child support. Child support isn’t meant to be a punishment. It is the right of the child.

The amount of child support should be fair to both the child and the parents. It’s paid until the child turns 18. Child support can be extended until age 21 if the child attends college or vocational training.

Spousal Support

In Oregon, courts can only order spousal support when one party has filed for divorce. When awarding spousal support, courts consider several factors beyond financial needs. Those factors include child support responsibilities, duration of the marriage, and employment skills.

In part two of this series, we’ll look at the family law matters of child custody and parenting time.

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