Can the Other Parent Move My Child Out of State?

June 19th, 2017

Ronald Johnston, a competent divorce attorney in Portland OR, ensures the rights of parents in cases involving interstate custody. Johnston can help if your child’s custodial parent threatens to move your child to another state. 

Moving A Child Out of State

A question many non-custodial parents ask is “Can the other parent move my child out of the state?” If you have a child custody order, the other parent cannot arbitrarily move your child out of state.

In order to relocate, they must petition the court.

Oregon courts want children to live close to, and have continual contact with, both parents. Therefore, an Oregon court will only allow a parent to move a child out of the state if they can prove it’s in the best interest of the child.

Child Custody Orders & Other States

A child custody order issued in Oregon will be honored by others states and vice versa. Oregon courts will continue to have exclusive authority to modify the order until both parents have permanently left the state.

If the other parent wants to relocate away from Oregon, and take your child with them, contact Ronald Johnston as soon as possible. He’s an experienced divorce attorney that has practiced family law in Portland OR for more than forty years.

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