Child Custody Help From A Portland Oregon Divorce Lawyer

March 12th, 2014
Despite your child's need for a schedule, she needs you just as badly. Get a good custody schedule.

Despite your child’s need for a schedule, she needs you just as badly. Get a good custody schedule.

Most attorneys who work with divorcing couples in Portland, Oregon recognize the difficulties surrounding child custody.  When the child is an infant, the complications can be exacerbated.

Traditionally, the standard for an infant’s custody schedule centered around the belief system that these small children needed consistency and routine. Certainly, no one would argue that when deciding on custody schedules the utmost consideration should be given to the early developmental stages of the child.

However, just because a child needs consistency and routine, does not necessarily mean the infant must spend the majority of his or her time with only the primary parent.  A rigid schedule often does not allow for both parents to create a strong bond with the infant. Research has concluded that children benefit from both parents being actively involved.

If you want to be actively involved in your infant’s life, you need to get a Portland,  Oregon divorce attorney who knows that the current research suggests that infants are able to create strong bonds with both parents even though they may be doing so in separate households.

If you are concerned about what kind of co-parenting arrangements will be made for you in an Oregon divorce court, you need to immediately call a divorce lawyer in Portland, Oregon. Don’t let this most important time of your child’s life pass by without you having the opportunity to bond.

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