Co-Parenting During the Holidays – Some Suggestions for Your Divorce in Portland OR

December 7th, 2015

Parenting your children after your divorce can present some special complications and challenges. These can be even more challenging during the holidays. Between the commitments, obligations, and making sure that everyone has adequate time with the child, the holidays can be downright stressful. Divorce may also bring new traditions, and blending them into the equation can create a struggle for a time. Both parents may believe they deserve more time, but working together is very important for ensuring that the holidays are not only fair but also fun. The next few posts will cover some tips for sharing the holidays with your co-parent, as well as ways that everyone can come out of the season feeling good.

Many parents have high expectations for the holidays because it is a special time for family bonding. This time of year is especially important for the children. They enjoy spending time with extended family members on both sides, people they might not get to see as often anymore. Consider taking steps so they can enjoy a stress-free and drama-free holiday with everyone they care about.

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