Collaborative Divorce Portland Oregon – Forget All You Know About Divorce

November 5th, 2014

Most people entering divorce know they are about to embark on a difficult journey.  Often it is a very emotional process that can cause much stress for all parties involved.

There is another option for partners who want their split to be more amiable.  It is called Collaborative Divorce.

Ronald Johnston is now offering Collaborative Divorce services to residents of Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

  • It is a more peaceful process of ending your marriage
  • The parties decide that all issues will be dealt with through negotiation
  • The parties both use legal professionals who adhere to Collaborative Divorce techniques
  • A binding contract is put into place which states that both parties will use only negotiation and compromise to handle disputes. The contract states that neither party will threaten to go to court.  It also states that both lawyers will resign if one party threatens to go to court.

If this sounds like a better option than the traditional divorce process, contact Ronald Johnston today.  He is trained in Collaborative Law and is dedicated to helping people end their marriage in a civilized and peaceful manner.

Click for more on Collaborative Law or call today at (503) 226-7986.

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