Coming out the Other Side of Divorce – How Your Divorce is Like the Month of March

March 9th, 2016


Throughout time, the month of March has been known for coming in like a lion and out like a lamb.

What is true for the changing weather patterns during this temperature-confused month, may also be true for your divorce.

Consider the beginning of the month, fresh out of winter and unsure of what will happen from day to day. One day it might rain or snow, and the next might bring sunshine.

The beginning of your divorce may feel the same way. You don’t know what to expect, and you’re still likely dealing with tumultuous emotions tied to the decision to break up a legally-bound relationship.

By the end of March, spring is here! You can almost expect good weather and appreciate its consistency.

This can be true at the end of your divorce as well. Once papers are signed, and everything is in order, you may be able to find a sense of peace and calm knowing you won’t have deal with the painful emotions that led you into divorce. You can now be independent and find a new sense of consistency while focusing on yourself post-divorce.

Attorney Ronald Johnston wants you to know that divorce may start out as an extremely painful situation, but when executed properly, it can make your life much easier in the end. Your divorce will transform your life, so consider embracing it. Click here to read more about divorce in Hillsboro, OR today.

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