Coping with Divorce – A Divorce Attorney in Hillsboro OR Wants you to Explore Your Interests and Think Positively

February 3rd, 2016

During your divorce, you may find yourself feeling down. You might think you have to start over and find a new future, and unfortunately nine times out of ten you are right. This can feel like a scary endeavor, but it can also be a positive way to put your life on a far better path.

Over time, some marriages can make one or both parties feel as though they are sacrificing parts of themselves for the sake of the marriage. You might not even realize how much you have given up until you are separated. Once this happens, embracing your pre-marriage/post-divorce self can actually be quite liberating.

Take this time to explore your interests. You might take this time to reconnect with hobbies you once enjoyed or people you once knew before marriage, or you may also desire to take up something you have always wanted to try but never had an opportunity to. Maybe you have always wanted to take dance lessons, art classes, or join an intramural softball team; this is the perfect time to try. You do not have anything to lose.

Think positively. This might be easier said then done, but through finding yourself and making new friends, you may begin to love the new “you.” The future you were planning may be long gone, but perhaps with that death comes a new life with the potential for a happier “you”. A positive perspective and mindset is the ideal way to move forward creating that new you.

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Your divorce might leave you with scars, but it will also leave you with a multitude of lessons learned. A dedicated divorce lawyer in Hillsboro OR can help you get to a good place and help you move forward. Click here to read more about how they can help you find peace with the new you.

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