Coping With Divorce – Part 1

October 20th, 2014

Often people facing divorce have been with their spouse for many many years.  We see people come in who have been together 10, 20, 30 years or more.

This means that coping with divorce can be very difficult.  Transitioning from being with a partner to being on your own is no small task.

On the blog this week we want to delve into a few different things people can use/do to help in their divorce coping process.

Today we will talk about two different divorce coping mechanisms:

  • Music- Some people gain a renewed love for music when going through their divorce.  They find an album, song, or specific type of music that represents their feelings at the time, and listening to artists turn their feelings into music can be very therapeutic.
  • Hobbies- In lieu of hobbies, married couples may try to spend as much time together as they can.  Giving up those hobbies for your spouse may have been worth it at the time, but as you enter your divorce, picking those hobbies back up can really help you to feel like “you” again.  Join the bowling league you used to be in.  Enroll in tennis lessons.  Take an art class.  Whatever you love doing and haven’t done in awhile, pick it back up again.  It will help.

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