Coping with Divorce – Part 2

October 22nd, 2014

Earlier this week we touched on the topic of how difficult coping with divorce can be.  We introduced two ideas to help people going through divorce cope with their emotions and their new situation in life.

Utilizing music, and enjoying hobbies again were the two tactics we presented Monday.

Today we want to focus on two more ways newly single people can deal with the transition.

  • Books- When you’re used to coming home and having a spouse to talk to, or in some cases argue with, you need something to fill that void of time.  Sometimes finding a good book that you like can help.  Coming home, making your dinner, and settling down to read your book can be relaxing and healing.
  • Television- Finding a television series that you can get into can fill that void of time as well.  Watching TV isn’t a long-term fix for dealing with your divorce, but it can be a short-term coping mechanism to help in the transition.

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