Coping with Divorce – Part 3

October 24th, 2014

So far this week we have discussed four different ways people facing divorce can deal with the coping process.

The four different ideas presented were:

  • Music- Finding a song, album, or genre that relates to your current emotions and using that music therapeutically.
  • Hobbies- Getting back into a hobby you gave up to spend more time with your ex.
  • Books- Reading a great book to help fill the void of time you used to spend talking, or arguing, with them.
  • Television- Enjoying a television series that can help fill that void as well.

Today we are going to touch on two more activities that can help you cope with your divorce.

  • Blogging- Starting a blog can be very helpful for many people.  You have a lot that you have learned from your marriage and your divorce, and writing about it helps you put all of those lessons into words- solidifying their impact on your life.  This, however, is not an activity that you want to begin in the middle of a divorce necessarily.  You can certainly begin writing things down during the divorce, but it is a good idea to wait to publish anything until after.  The same goes for posts on social media.  And make sure that any posts that you do publish, even after your divorce, are about your own healing, and not about slamming your ex.  That would not be productive in your overall coping process.
  • Second Job- Your day-to-day career may not be your passion, so now, with the extra time you have, consider picking up a small part time job that is more in line with your passion.  Are you a musician at heart? Put a band together and start scheduling local gigs.  Do you love yoga?  Become an instructor at a local studio.  Following your passions can help you feel more purpose in your life.

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