Dealing With a Difficult Co-Parent Following Your Divorce in Beaverton OR

December 30th, 2015

The ultimate goal in co-parenting is for you and your co-parent to have a respectful and collaborative relationship. This is not always the case and if you are dealing with a co-parent who is difficult, you may have to set limits to control the situation.

A few examples of co-parenting behaviors that need limits include the following:

  • Calling too often
  • Sending texts too often
  • Making children relay requests
  • Not allowing a phone call to come to an end
  • Not approving of you having a different opinion
  • Creating a conflict around your child


If your co-parent is somewhat of a bully and you like to avoid conflict, you may be promoting the behavior by overlooking them. Setting limits can help keep the relationship in check.

The next blog will discuss some important factors in managing this conflict.

At Ronald Johnston Law, we see a wide range of co-parents. It is not entirely uncommon for there to be one parent who starts conflict, so we want you to know you are not alone.

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