Divorce Attorney in Beaverton OR Wants You to Commit to Releasing the Past

March 16th, 2016

To move on from divorce, you will need to accomplish a very important task: release the past. For some, this is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Your old life is no longer your current reality. For this reason, it is important to break away from your need to cling to the past.

As you take steps to leave the past behind you, you may also begin to notice the brighter days ahead. As you become more self-aware, you can begin to experience some of these new benefits:

  • You might make new friends
  • You may re-kindle lost friendships
  • You might find new career options
  • You might find some new fulfilling activities to add to your life
  • You may realize that you can finally pay attention to your own needs

When you let go of your previous life, you can begin to look for and expect new opportunities in brand new places. You might even realize that the future is a positive start for you and your children.

You will be pleasantly surprised about the wonderful new things that you can create when you anticipate the good things that lie ahead. For help getting through the mess so you can fully release the past, consider a divorce attorney in Beaverton OR who is experienced and knowledgeable. Click here to read more about Attorney Ronald Johnston today.

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